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Reiki + Drumming


"Reiki has been accepted in many countries as a relaxation method and natural therapy, but it is more than that. When you keep peace in your heart, your family and friends, your community, your country, and your planet will be filled with peace." - Fumi Koji ~Reiki~ Peace for the mind, heart, soul, and body are the foundation of Mikao Usui's Reiki system. In the early 1900s, Mikao Usui developed a healing system that uses "KI" energy to balance, restore, and relax the body. Reiki is gentle and non-invasive and aims to clear blockages that impede the flow of universal life energy through the body. This clearing and balancing has similar results to ones found in research studies of drumming and its influence on the body. Reiki works with the parasympathetic nervous system to bring the body into a state of healing. Today, Reiki is a popular complementary therapy used in hospitals and hospices to help patients who are in need of peace and relaxation. The Reiki system celebrated its 100th birthday in 2022. Drumming is comparatively much older. Yet, sometimes, it is where the old and the new combine that magic happens. ~Drumming~ For thousands of years, people all over the world have used the power of vibration (in the form of sound) for health and wellbeing. As we trace humankind back through history, we find that tools like the medicine drum are not unique to one culture or people, but are truly universal. Drumming as medicine has been used by many people of many origins, lineages, and ethnicities; from antiquity to the present day. In modern times, wherever we are in the world, we are still connected, through our physiology, to the rhythms of the drum. It is this connection that makes the drum so effective as medicine. Drumming can cause our bodies to move into a state of balance; a state where health is possible. In one study, researchers demonstrated that drumming can change the state of the brain by moving brain waves into a relaxed meditative alpha state, a state from which the body can heal from diseases, illness, and disorders brought on or enhanced by stress. ~Let's Get Together~ Reiki Drumming is a new method of treatment that brings the combined health benefits of energy work and vibrational sound. ~Start The Journey~ So what happens when you combine drumming and with a Reiki treatment? I'm excited for you to find out.

Introductory Reiki Drumming Treatment

In this 30 minute introductory treatment, Reiki brings you back into balance. With a non-invasive, simple yet profound, set of hand techniques, your energy system is balanced according to your need. Intuitive gentle drumming helps in moving the energy and puts the body in a grounded and relaxed state.


Distance Reiki Drumming Treatment

Reiki treatments do not always need to be in person. During this treatment Reiki energy is sent from a distance to you. Drumming amplifies and carries the energy and the intention for the treatment to deliver what is needed most to the recipient. This treatment will take 45 minutes.


Reiki Drumming Treatment

Front of Body

Reiki is delivered using a combination of intuition and hand positions focused on the body's energy centers; the chakras. This treatment is combined with the energy of Reiki traveling on the sound waves of the medicine drum. The treatment takes 45 minutes with hand positions only on the front of the body.


Traditional Reiki or Distance Reiki Treatment

This is a traditional Reiki treatment. Japanese-style Reiki using Usui's traditional hand positions. Symbols will be used as needed based on the ailment. This treatment can be in person or sent over a distance to you. During this treatment hand positions for a full body treatment will be used in a 60 minute time frame along with the intention of healing and balance.


Reiki Drumming Treatment

Full Body 

This 1.5 hour treatment is intended to support mental/emotional healing by combining drumming with intention and a full body Reiki treatment. During this treatment, each energy center will be accessed through front and back of the body hand positions with a focus on the attributes of each charka, its potential blacks, and aspiring triumphs.


Let Animals Lead® Reiki Treatment

This treatment is all about the animals and animal beloveds in your life. During this treatment, I will invite the animal to join me in the Reiki energy. This revolutionary method is a meditation that allows the animals to choose the amount of Reiki that they are comfortable receiving. This method is highly respectful to animals and is a consensual process where each animal is in control of their healing journey. Treatment time is flexible. Set aside 1 hour for this treatment; the actual time used can vary from 30-60 minutes.



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