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My name is A.K. Hed Vincent and I'm a Remo HealthRHYTHMS Group Empowerment Drumming Facilitator. I host eco-friendly vegan drum circles and rhythm events. My intention is to honor the cycles of nature, be kind to all living beings, and create healthy rituals for personal growth. 

 I have a deep love of animals and the earth. Consequently, I strive to create a better and more healthy world. Over the years, this striving has lead me to train with many amazing teachers, in many complimentary modalities. 


I am trained in the Japanese art of Reiki. I received my Level I & II Reiki training through Inner Peace Reiki in Montana. For advanced Reiki techniques, I have trained with Reiki Laughter in Saint Paul, MN. For the animals, I am also trained in the Let Animals Lead® method of Animal Reiki. I received this training through Heartsong Reiki in Vermont. 

I have trained in Music & Mindfulness with Jim Donovan (of Rusted Root) and I have a BFA in Fine Art from the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

In recent years, I've studied under Christine Stevens to learn more about how using drums in circles with one another can support individual and communal healing, allow us to be more interconnected, and move toward our dreams.

As a 20+ year vegan, it was often a challenge to find vegan drums to play or a circle of likeminded people to play with. So, I decided that it was time to create my own vegan spaces to drum and to dream.

It is my hope that other compassionate people have space to share stories, food, and the rhythms of their lives with each other in the gatherings I host.

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